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SmartSoft Invoice Scanning

SmartSoft Invoice Scanning will help you scan paper invoices or import invoice files, read key fields and archive
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21 October 2014

Editor's review

This tool will help scan invoices and archive them.

SmartSoft Invoice scanning software will help you archive the invoices easily. You can scan them and import them for archiving and further processing. For easy retrieval by using this tool you could use key fields, which are extracted from the invoice. Manual sorting and archiving of documents is a slow and error prone process and could affect the bottom lines. SmartSoft Invoice Scanning helps optimize the way you handle and store invoices, thus freeing time for other important tasks. It is possible to digitalize your paper invoices as well as organize electronic invoices. Organizing them by predefined criteria and storing them such that it allows for easy search and access any time is possible. Scanning is possible from within the program. It will extract the key fields when importing these documents. You could specify the criteria for classifying the data.

This software will be able to handle paper documents, fax, PDFs or image files. The scanning process reads two key fields from the document such as vendor and invoice number, based on template recognition. A new template can be defined easily. This software locates the text regions and identifies them. Any further invoices coming in, the software extracts the data automatically. The invoices could be saved as searchable PDF in a predefined output folder. These can be sorted by the data extracted from the key fields. The interface is simple and intuitive. This is a very good product.

Publisher's description

SmartSoft Invoice Scanning is a professional software application for automated scanning, sorting and archiving of invoice documents. Using optical character recognition technology the program captures two key fields - Vendor and Document Number - and transforms the scanned or imported documents into searchable PDF files, archived by predefined criteria. SmartSoft Invoice Scanning offers very high accuracy levels and adequately recognizes and converts data from the chosen invoice fields, recognizing and memorizing invoice templates of various types, even documents that were distorted during the scan process. It can also automatically process batches of invoices. SmartSoft Invoice Scanning can be upgraded to a full processing version, which processes multi-item invoice documents and offers multiple output formats, including integration with most common accounting or ERP systems.
SmartSoft Invoice Scanning
SmartSoft Invoice Scanning
Version 2.4.10
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This program is really helpful to me. I can upload all invoices directly from the scanner, the program extracts the vendor and invoice number, then finally you can export and organise them. It saves a lot of time. I wish it could work with multi-page invoices.
The software works fast and saves time. I definitely recommend it.
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